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In SAP Gateway Service Builder, you can define a new data model within your project to suit your service requirements based on the data you want to expose at runtime.

You can define a new data model by creating (or editing) individual data model elements and their properties.

Data Model Elements

In the tree view of the Service Builder, you use the data model folder structure to create and edit the individual data model elements.

The data model structure comprises the following sub-folders for each of the element types:

You can create and define any of the data model elements listed above, directly in the Data Model folder of your project.

When you create a new model element, it is placed in the relevant predefined sub folder within the data model folder.

You can create new data model elements in one of the following ways:

  • Double click the specific data model element in the data model folder, and provide the relevant entries.

  • Right click the data model folder, select Create, and then select the data model element you want to create.

  • Expand the data model folder, right click the data model element you want to create, and select Create.

More Information

For alternative options for creating and reusing data models, see Data Modeling Options.