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The main function of material requirements planning is to guarantee material availability. That is, it is used to procure the requirement quantities on time both for internal purposes and for sales and distribution. This process involves the monitoring of stocks and, in particular, the automatic creation of procurement proposals for purchasing.

The material requirements planning procedure has now been enhanced to guarantee the material availability at the segment level. For more information about standard MRP, see Material Requirements Planning (PP-MRP).

The enhanced process uniquely assigns requirements quantities to available stock using segmentation values and / or creates procurement proposals, such as purchase requisitions, at segment level for nonexisting stock. The system determines the segments in the proposals based on the segmentation strategy.


For articles with segmentation, the MRP processes are executed based on the following mapping rules defined in Customizing for Define Segmentation Strategies under   Logistics – General   Segmentation  

  • Requirement/Stock Allocation

  • Stock Transfer

  • Requirement to Stock Conversion

  • Planned Independent Requirement Consumption