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Season workbench is a one stop shop to manage seasons. You use this function to not only define, change, and delete season year, season, collection, and theme, you also use it to assign articles (single articles, generic articles, and structured articles), and maintain sales and purchasing views for seasons.


The season workbench is integrated with the sales and purchasing processes.


Multiple Views

The season workbench offers you the following three different views:

  • Full screen view

  • Tree view

  • Grid view

By default, the full screen view is displayed. The full screen view contains the tree view on the left side of the screen and the grid view on the right side of the screen. You can then choose to display only the tree view or only the grid view using the appropriate icons. Season maintenance can be carried out using any one of the views.

Create Season Year, Season, Collection, and Theme

You can create a new season with a season year, and then assign collections and themes to that season. A new season can be create using either the create option or the copy option. In case of create new season, you create a season by providing new season information. In case of the copy function, you can copy season information from an existing season.

Note Note

When you create a season using the copy functionality, the system not only copies season information maintained at the node level of the source season, it also copies all the season information maintained in the sub nodes. For example, if you copy a season year, the system will automatically copy all the season, collection, and theme information maintained for that season year.

End of the note.

Assign Season to Articles

A season can be assigned to articles based on the article number and the article group. You can assign an article to a season at any one the following three levels:

  • Season year/Season

  • Collection

  • Theme

The article assignment is based on the Season Usage maintained in the article master.

You can only assign generic articles, structured articles, and single articles to a season. Season assignment cannot be made at the variant level.

Delete Season Year, Season, Collection, and Theme

You can delete a season year, season, collection, and theme using the delete button. In the tree view, you can right click the relevant season information, and select Delete Node with subnodes.

Note Note

If an article is assigned to a season, you cannot delete that season or any of its subnodes.

End of the note.

Maintain Sales and Purchasing Views

You can assign season year, season, collection, and theme to sales and purchasing views. You can specify the order, delivery, and sales windows for sales, and the order and delivery windows for purchasing.


To launch the season workbench, on the SAP Easy Access Retailing (transaction W10M) screen choose   SAP Fashion Management   Seasons   Season Workbench  

You can directly access the season workbench using the transaction FSH_SWB.