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This process allows you to maintain segmentation relevance for functions:


You make you of the following steps to maintain segmentation relevance for functions:

  1. Execute transaction CT04

  2. Enter the name of the Characteristics

  3. On the Basic Data tab page, enter the Description

    1. Enter Characteristics for Segmentation as the Chars Group

    2. Enter Character Format as the Data Type

    3. Enter Number of Chars

  4. On the Values tab page, enter Char. Value and a corresponding Description

  5. On the Addnl data tab page, choose the Relevance pushbutton

    Define Relevance for Functions overview screen in displayed

  6. Select the applications relevant for segmentation

  7. Choose Save

Note Note

You can define segmentation structure and segmentation strategy for an application only if the application is made relevant for segmentation.

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