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Segmentation allows you to logically segment articles based on certain attributes, for example, Quality or Customer segment. When you use articles with segmentation, you can also process quantities and conditions in purchasing documents for the individual stock segments of the variants.

For more information about processing of purchasing documents in the standard ERP system, see Purchasing (MM-PUR).


You have done the following:

  • Created characteristics for segmentation using transaction CT04

  • Defined the segmentation structure in Customizing for   Logistics – General   Segmentation   Define Segmentation Structures   or using transaction SGTS

    Defined the segmentation strategy in Customizing for   Logistics – General   Segmentation   Define Segmentation Strategies   or using transaction SGTC

  • Created articles and assigned a segmentation strategy in the Basic Data: Fashion tab of the article master (using transaction MM41)


To procure articles with segmentation, the system allows you to maintain data in the purchasing documents for the corresponding stock segment. You can maintain stock segment for the following articles in the purchasing documents:

  • Single article

  • Generic article

    You can manually enter the stock segment or the system copies from various sources such as other purchasing documents, or the system determines during MRP. The stock segment you select for a generic article is copied to all the variants. You can also change the stock segment for one or more variants. However, the new stock segment must be valid for the generic article. In addition, the segmentation structure for all the variants is the same that is assigned for the generic article.

  • Structured article

    The stock segment you select for the structured article at the header level is not copied to its components. When you process these articles in the purchasing documents, the system only considers the stock segment assigned at the header level. If the components have different stock segments, they are not displayed and considered for processing. The system uses the BAdI BADI_SGT_DET_STRUC_ART, if you have defined the BOM explosion for the structured article during goods receipt in Customizing for   Logistics – General   Material Master   Retail-Specific Settings   Settings for Structured Articles   Structured Material in Logistics Process  . The BAdI defines the mapping of segments to the components.

The system does not allow you to enter or maintain stock segment for an article when one of the following is true:

  • Article is not relevant for segmentation

  • Plant is not relevant for segmentation

  • Article is relevant for segmentation but segmentation strategy and segmentation structure are not assigned and fixed for the article

  • Scope in the segmentation strategy is defined as Only Requirement Segments Maintained

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