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Maintaining master data can be time-consuming if you have to make each change individually. It is quicker to make one change and have the system automatically update all the affected records automatically. The mass maintenance tool enables you to change a large group of master data records at once.

You can select the mass maintenance tool within a number of master data transactions. All these mass maintenance tools are based on the same basic framework and user interface.


You can mass maintain data related to the following segmentation related enhancements made to article master:

  • segmentation structure

  • segmentation strategy

  • fix segmentation

  • consumption priority

  • stock protection indicator

  • discreet batch management

  • weights and volumes

  • sales status

You can mass maintain data related to the following SAP Fashion Management enhancements made to article master:

  • season

  • season usage

  • fashion attributes

  • order allocation run (ARun)

Mass changes made at the generic article level will also be applied to all the variants of the generic article.

For segmentation fields, once segmentation value has been fixed at the variant level for an article, changes made to the data through mass maintenance will not be applied.