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Consumption of value-added services (VAS) in sales documents is necessary to perform or add special service or expertise before the original goods are ordered.


  • In the Customizing for Maintain Sales Document Types for Fashion Management under   SAP Implementation Guide   Sales and Distribution   Sales   Sales Documents   Sales Document Header  , you have selected the VAS Active Flag to enable VAS determination option for sales documents and assigned the Determination Procedure to the document type created using VAS condition maintenance.

  • You make the following VAS setting in customer master:

    1. Execute transaction XD01 or transaction XD02.

      Create Customer: General Data screen or Change Customer: General Data screen is displayed

    2. Enter the mandatory fields (including sales area)

    3. Choose Fashion specific data pushbutton

    4. Enter the VAS Determination Mode

  • You can also maintain the VAS Determination Mode at the item category level in the Customizing for Maintain Item Categories for Fashion Management under   SAP Implementation Guide   Sales and Distribution   Sales   Sales Documents   Sales Document Item  

    Note Note

    In the case of sales documents, check for the VAS determination option is first carried at the document type level, followed by the check at the customer master level and finally at the item category level.

    End of the note.
  • In the Customizing for Maintain Copy Control for Sales Documents under   SAP Implementation Guide   Sales and Distribution   Sales  , you specify what data needs to be copied when a sales document is created with reference to another sales document. In this Customizing, along with other data, you maintain a VAS related setting to decide whether VAS data needs to be copied from the source document to the target document or fresh determination of VAS has to take place in the target document.


Determination of VAS in Sales Documents Using Conditions

VAS items can be determined in sales documents using conditions. VAS data can also be manually entered in sales documents.

Manual Entry of VAS in Sales Documents

In addition to the option of defining value-added services as conditions, you can enter the VAS data manually in a sales document. This is especially useful for a new customer who requests value-added services. Before you define conditions for such a customer, you probably want to see how business with this customer develops.

The manual entry of VAS data also makes sense for a customer who only requests value-added services occasionally or for one specific delivery, for customers who require differing services for each document, or want identical ticketing/labeling, packing or other services only for part of the items in the document.

You can maintain manual entries of VAS in the sales documents using the VAS pushbutton. Alternatively, in the Go To menu, select   Value-Added Service   VAS Details  . Based on the VAS determination mode, VAS consumption in the document will be triggered. The VAS Determination Mode has impact on the VAS determination and VAS item generation during the consumption of VAS in sales documents.

Redetermination of VAS data

You can redetermine VAS data if you change the delivery date, item category, or any other key field that is used in determination of VAS condition records.

Overview of the VAS Data in Sales Documents

For a quick overview of which value-added services exist in the sales document at the header or the item level, you can call up the overview display. On the sales document screen, in the Go To menu, select   Value-Added Service   VAS Data in Document  

If you wish to check the VAS details overview of multiple sales documents, on the SAP Easy Access Retailing menu (transaction W10M), choose   SAP Fashion Management   Value-Added Services (VAS)   VAS Details Overview in Sales Documents  

Purchase-to-document (PTO) procurement and Third-party document (TPO) processing.

Among the VAS data or items determined through the condition records or manually entered in the sales document, VAS data or items relevant for procurement are only applicable for PTO and TPO processes. Only VAS data or items relevant for procurement can be transferred to subsequent purchasing documents, such as purchase requisition and purchase order, in these processes. Other VAS data or items are not relevant for these processes as the vendor will supply the procurement relevant VAS services to the customer.

Deletion of VAS Data or Item

If VAS data or item has to be deleted in the dialog mode, you can do so using the VAS pushbutton. If a main item is deleted, then along with the main item, the corresponding VAS items are also deleted.

VAS Data from BAPIs

VAS details, including Items, can be sent through BAPIs from external systems for sales order processing.