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You can use dynamic stock prioritization to prioritize different stock types so that the stock with the highest priority is allocated first.


You can define the settings to prioritize different stock types in Customizing under   Logistics - General   SAP Fashion Management   Order Allocation Run (ARun)   Online ARun   Allocation   Maintain Rules for Allocation  .

For allocation against goods receipts, the system checks each stock type, matching the stock from the From days field to the To days field. If the value in the From field for a stock element is greater than the value in the To field, the system searches for stock in the backward direction, otherwise it searches in the forward direction, as indicated by the arrows on the Dynamic Stock Validity screen.


You can define an allocation window for a stock element. If the requirement date is within the window (starting on the current day, this stock can be allocated. If you do not enter a safety window for a stock type (From = 0, To = 0), the system ignores that stock type.

The following sales order has the delivery date November 19.


Stock Type



System Reaction



-5 (working days)

5 (working days)

The system searches for the purchase order from November 14 to November 24 (forward direction).


Batch Stock

10 (working days)


The system searches for the order for the physical stock that is available from November 9 to November 19.



5 (working days)

-5 (working days)

The system searches for the purchase order from November 24 to November 14 (backward direction).

Note Note

Dynamic stock sorting is not applicable when you use spread distribution logic as the allocation strategy.

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