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Sales allows the realization of different business transactions based on sales documents stored in the system. When creating a sales order, you can carry out an availability check to determine whether the required articles of specific colors or sizes are in stock. This also checks whether the stock is sufficient to fill the order by the expected delivery date. A confirmed delivery date is determined based on the results of the availability check.

The material requirements planning (MRP) assigns the requirement quantities to the available stock, or creates procurement proposals. For stock that is not available the internal or external procurement (purchase requests or planned orders) are created.

In addition, in SAP Fashion Management the following features are available in the sales process:

  • Segmentation

  • Season management

  • Characteristic value conversion

  • Value added services

  • Order allocation run

Segmentation allows you to categorize articles based on their physical and logical characteristics without the need for defining a unique material number for articles of different segment values. You segment the articles within the sales process in the sales documents using the requirement segment. In addition, you can carry out order allocation run for the sales order requirements (if they are within the cancellation period defined in the item) which allow the distribution of the customer requirements to the existing stock, based on specific rules. If there exists a shortage of stock, the allocation run provides the best possible distribution of the existing stock. For articles relevant for order allocation run, you must execute order allocation run before you create the Delivery document and the Invoice document.