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shipping notification (MM)

Materials Management (MM)

Notification by the vendor to the recipient regarding the pending arrival of goods shipped or about to be shipped.

The shipping notification contains the anticipated delivery date, quantities, and details of the materials (or services). A shipping notification can be sent in the form of an EDI message, by fax, or via other media. An incoming shipping notification is stored in the R/3 System as an inbound delivery document. An outgoing shipping notification can be generated on the basis of an outbound delivery.

Outside SAP, this communication may also be referred to as a ship, shipping or shipment notice or note. In addition, the term and its variants are frequently preceded by "advance" or "advanced" (thus "advance shipping notification", for example), and a commonly used abbreviation is "ASN".

Further common synonyms used outside SAP include "despatch (or dispatch) advice" (EDI message DESADV of the international EDIFACT standard), and "advice note".

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