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During order allocation run (ARun), you can determine how customer assortments are taken into account if there is a stock shortage for a component. You can use the BOM Correlation indicator to determine whether the allocated quantities of other components are also reduced whenever there is a stock shortage of an individual component of a sales bill of materials (BOM). For example, if there is a stock shortage of a component that belongs to the assortment, you can reduce the allocated total quantity.


When you use a sales BOM in a sales order, the order allocation run is carried out at the schedule line level for each component. You can also use a minimum quota for BOM components. Select the BOM Correlation checkbox if you want the components of the sales BOM to be allocated in the specified quantity ratios defined. You can do this in Customizing under   Logistics - General   SAP Fashion Management   Order Allocation Run (ARun)   Online ARun   Release   Maintain Release Rules  .


The sales BOM A consists of components 1 (10 pieces) and 2 (15 pieces). A customer needs 20 pieces of this BOM. That means that you need 200 of component 1 (20x10) and 300 of component 2 (20x15).

The allocation check takes place for each component for this sales order. Only 190 pieces of component 1 (95% of the required quantity) and only 210 pieces of component 2 (70% of the required quantity) are available for allocation.

When the system applies the following correlation, the allocated quantities are adjusted so that 14 pieces of this BOM can be delivered.


Confirmed Quantity

Allocation Result

Result of Correlation





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