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A customer not only wants you to generally label, package, or otherwise service their goods, but also has very specific instructions that require special articles to be delivered with the originally ordered goods.

Example Example

Your customer may want to have a very special label that you find easier to create to their exact specifications and carry it as a article which you enter in this customer's orders manually.

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Especially when goods are delivered directly to a retail store to be offered for sale there, your customer may provide you all necessary articles for labeling, packing or other services. You are then requested to prepare the order for sale by using those articles.

In this case it may be important for you to know at any time how much of the customer’s stock is still available at your site so that you can ask for replenishment when needed. You can do this when you carry such articles as VAS articles in stock. With the proper settings for the availability check, the system not only controls the stock of the ordered goods, but also that of the VAS articles.


You have maintained all the Customizing under   SAP Customizing Implementation Guide   Logistics - General   SAP Fashion Management   Value-Added Services (VAS)   Controls for VAS Determination  


Value-added service article should be of the article type Additional. This article type can be configured using Material Types (transaction OMS2). This article types should have 5 Material type for additionals as the Material type ID.

Note Note

VAS articles are not enabled for segmentation and seasons.

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