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A company must manage a large volume of data in Sales. Due to a great number of incoming orders, automatic processing within the logistical process is required. It is advantageous to externally carry out certain collective processing in times of low system utilization. During background processing (batch ARun), the data is processed in the background while you execute other functions on the screen. The background processes are not visible to the user and no dialog boxes or messages appear on the screen. However, they have the same priority as online processes

For example, the allocation run can be triggered at night. The individual customer requirements of the day are collected and can then be processed together. This guarantees that an overall examination of the requirement situation is carried out and the allocation is executed according to the selected strategy. The next day, you can filter certain allocations and, if necessary, they can be automatically changed.



The background processing of order allocation run is carried out similarly to that of the ERP Standard. To plan a background job, the system requires the name of the program to be executed and a variant that contains the selected program parameters for the requested run. You cannot plan order allocation runs as background jobs directly. You can create a variant for the program, but the selection conditions for the requirements must always be entered manually. Otherwise, the system does not know which requirements should be selected.


The name of the program to be executed (with a related variant that contains the corresponding parameters) is required to implement background processing. You must also completely define the parameters of the allocation run type.


You can trigger background processing for each mode of the allocation run. You can plan a job using the variants in normal and simulation modes.


  1. Use transaction ARUN_BATCH to execute background processing of an order allocation run.

  2. Choose a variant.

  3. Choose the mode of allocation for the selected allocation type.

  4. Execute the operation.