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A characteristic of a fashion article can be measured using different standards or scales in different countries or geographical regions. For example, a shoe of the same size is considered size 9 in the UK while it is considered size 10 in the US. Hence, the shoe has both the sizes marked on it. To facilitate this, a characteristic conversion mechanism is necessary to ensure that on every fashion article, sizes in all the relevant size standards are correctly marked.

Characteristic value conversion only applies to variant creating characteristics that are attached to the article master.


For successful character value conversion to take place, you have to first create conversion logic. This conversion logic defines when the conversion has to take place and how the system converts each individual value with a specific conversion type based on certain rules.

  1. You define a conversion type in the Customizing for Define Conversion Types under   SAP Customizing Implementation Guide   Logistics – General   SAP Fashion Management   Characteristic Value Conversion  . Once you define the conversion type, you then maintain the conversions specific to variant values in the same customizing activity.

  2. You then define the conversion indicators and assign conversion types using the Customizing for Control Conversion Type Determination under   SAP Customizing Implementation Guide   Logistics – General   SAP Fashion Management   Characteristic Value Conversion  . In this customizing activity, you can specify whether each conversion ID is a material indicator or a customer/vendor indicator. You then specify the conversion types that can be used based on the combination of material ID, customer/vendor ID and user indicators.


Characteristic value conversion can be carried out on sales documents. In the case sales documents, you have to associate a conversion ID with the sales document. You use the Conversion pushbutton in sales documents to carry out characteristic conversion of articles in the sales documents, including delivery and billing.

The Item Overview tabs can have more than one item. Multiple variant creating characteristics can be associated with an article. Hence, after applying characteristic value conversion on such articles, the output for these articles would be the concatenation of the converted characteristic values and displayed in the description column in the sales documents.

You can change the conversion description as many times as you wish using the Conversion pushbutton. You can also manually change the conversion descriptions.

Note Note

Characteristic value conversion in sales documents is available for variants. It is not available for single articles and generic articles.

Description post conversion will not be displayed in case of generic articles and single articles. It will only be displayed for the variants of an article.

When you save the data on successful conversion, the conversion description is not saved in the system database if the new description was provided using the Conversion pushbutton. However, if the description was changed manually by the user, the updated description will saved in the database.

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More Information

For characteristic value conversion in article master, see Characteristic Value Conversion.