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Procedure documentationCreate RFC Connections to Back-End System


You require two types of RFC connections to the back-end system:

  • An ABAP connection (type 3) which is used for to replicate app descriptors from the back-end server to the front-end server. Applications which use Web Dynpro UI technology carry app descriptors which provide information required to access them from the SAP Fiori launchpad.

  • An HTTP connection (type H), which is used to start transactions using Web Dynpro and retrieve the business data.

Note Note

For technical reasons, you also need these RFC-connections if front-end components and back-end components are running on the same system.

End of the note.

Create an RFC connection of the “ABAP Connection” type and one of the“ H - HTTP connection to ABAP System” type. Use the following naming conventions:

  • ABAP connection: S4FIN_RFC

  • HTTP connection: S4FIN_HTTP or S4FIN_HTTPS

Recommendation Recommendation

We recommend that you use an HTTPS connection. Set the SSL option to Active.

End of the recommendation.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step Network Next navigation step RFC Destinations End of the navigation path or start transaction SM59.

  2. Create an RFC connection of the specified name and type.

  3. Enter the Target Host under Technical Settings and save.