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Procedure documentationReplicate App Descriptors from Back-End System


To enable the access from the Fiori launchpad to applications using Web Dynpro and SAP GUI for HTML technology, you have to replicate information about these applications from the back-end server to the front-end server. Each app has an app descriptor which provides this information.

You have to execute the replication before you enter the SAP Fiori launchpad designer to create your own catalogs. Only after the replication you will see the apps in the Technical Catalogs view.


  1. Call transaction /UI2/APPDESC_GET.

  2. In the catalog ID field, enter SAP_TC_FIN_*_BE_APPS:S4FIN.

    This will select all technical catalogs and their comprised apps.

  3. Choose Execute.

Recommendation Recommendation

We recommend to schedule the report to run daily. As the report needs to run after every system update, scheduling the report ensures that you always have up-to-date information in the SAP Fiori launchpad designer.

End of the recommendation.

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