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 Activate ICF Services for Design Studio Apps


A component called the Internet Communication Framework (ICF) runs on your front-end system and back-end system.

Before you can use any Design Studio app, you must activate these ICF services in both the front-end server and back-end server. For security reasons, all Internet Communication Framework (ICF) services are made available in an inactive state.

Note Note

For security reasons, we recommend that you only activate the services required to run the apps.

End of the note.

All Design Studio apps use the following ICF services in the front-end server:

Front-End Server

ICF Service Description

Navigation Path

Analyze Design Studio Query


Unified Shell


All Design Studio apps use the following ICF services in the back-end server:

Back-End Server

ICF Service Description

Navigation Path



MIME in Web Reporting


Enterprise Search InA Adapter


For Design Studio apps powered by SAP Business Planning and Consolidation embedded, there are the following additional ICF services in the back-end server.

ICF Service Description

Navigation Path

BPC Universal Web Client


Client Service (Persistence, User Preference, etc.)


BW: Get Response



On the back-end server, it is necessary to create a new sub element for the ICF service /sap/bw/ina as a reference to the existing service /sap/es/ina/GetServerInfo.

To create the new ICF service, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step Network Next navigation step HTTP Service Hierarchy Maintenance End of the navigation path or start transaction SICF.

  2. The Define Services screen appears. The Hierarchy Type SERVICE is defaulted.

    Choose Execute (Execute) or press F8.

  3. The Maintain service screen appears which offers a filter area called Filter Details.

    In the ServiceName field, enter INA and choose Apply (Apply).

  4. The system filters the service hierarchy in the Virtual Hosts / Services screen area for the path leading to the filtered service. Right-click the service INA and choose New Sub-Element in the context menu.

    Confirm the note about creating a node in the SAP Namespace by choosing Continue (Continue).

  5. The Create a Service Element dialog box appears.

    In the Name of Service Element to Be Created field, enter GetServerInfo.

    In the Type of Service Node to Be Created field group, select Reference to Existing Service.

    Choose Continue (Continue).

  6. The Create/Change a Service Call screen appears.

    In the Description 1 field, enter a description, for example Get Server Info.

  7. Choose the Target tab page. In the Virtual Hosts / Services screen area, navigate to /sap/es/ina/GetServerInfo and double-click GetServerInfo to highlight the line.

    Choose Store (Store) and then go back to the Maintain service screen.

  8. On the Maintain service screen, highlight your new service and choose Start of the navigation path Service/Host Next navigation step Activate End of the navigation path.

  9. An Activation of ICF Services dialog box appears.

    Choose Yes to activate the new service.