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Procedure documentationInstall BI Content


Before you can use any BI content, you have to install it first. You have to do the installation only once.


To install the BI content, proceed as follows:

  1. Start transaction RSTCO_ADMIN.

  2. The system displays an Installation screen area and a Log screen area.

    Choose Start Installation in the Installation screen area. The system schedules the installation job BI_TCO_ACTIVATION.

  3. To check the status of the job, choose Start of the navigation path System Next navigation step Services Next navigation step Jobs Next navigation step Job Overview End of the navigation path or start transaction SM37.

    A Simple Job Selection screen opens. Enter BI_TCO_ACTIVATION in the Job Name field and choose Execute (Execute).

    The system displays the status of the jobs.

  4. When the status of the job is Finished, go back to transaction RSTCO_ADMIN.

    • If the Installation Status is green, the installation was successful.

    • If the Installation Status is red, choose Display Log to check the log and fix any errors. Then restart the installation.