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Process documentationOrganizational Model for Production Supply


There are different models for organizing stocks in the production supply areas (PSAs) in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM).

Separate Storage Bins in the SAP EWM System

The system manages the stocks in the PSA separately from the other stocks. This increases the transparency at storage bin level in the SAP EWM system, and at storage location level in the SAP ERP system. When staging at the PSA, the SAP EWM system executes a posting change by changing the stock type. In the SAP ERP system, this is a stock transfer between the storage locations.

SAP EWM-Managed Storage Location

The PSA stocks are only managed in SAP EWM, and are therefore transparent in the SAP EWM system only. When staging at the PSA, the system does not execute a posting change.

MM-IM Managed Storage Location

The PSA stocks are not managed in the SAP EWM system. They are managed in the SAP ERP system at MM-IM storage location level. Staging at the PSA is an outbound delivery from an SAP EWM perspective, and, from an SAP ERP perspective, a posting change to a storage location outside of the SAP EWM system.

SAP EWM-Managed Storage Location in Another SAP EWM Warehouse

The PSA stocks are managed in the SAP EWM system in another warehouse number. The staging takes place in a two-step posting change:

  1. Of the outbound delivery from the sending SAP EWM warehouse

  2. Of the inbound delivery to the receiving SAP EWM warehouse


The following matrix shows the possible processes:

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