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 Units of Measure

Alternative Unit of Measure

In most cases, the alternative unit of measure is an optional unit of measure that can be converted into the base unit of measure, or is a parallel unit of measure.

Parallel UoM and Valuation Unit

Specifies that the system gets the parallel unit of measure for the valuation, and that it does not match the base unit of measure. This type is only relevant for ERP systems that have catch weight functions.

Parallel UoM (Base UoM is Valuation Unit)

The addition "Base UoM is Valuation Unit" states that the system uses the base unit of measure for the inventory valuation. In this case, the catch weight unit of measure is also called the logistics unit of measure, and is copied automatically by the system into the product master field bearing the same name. The system automatically marks the product as catch-weight relevant.

For an ERP system without catch weight functionality, the valuation unit must be the same as the base unit of measure.

Alternative Parallel Unit of Measure

You can convert all units of measures that have the type "alternative parallel unit of measure" in EWM into the logistics unit of measure using a fixed conversion factor. All other alternative units of measure have fixed conversion factors to the base unit of measure.

Logistics Unit of Measure

Specifies which unit of measure the logistical processes in EWM consider as the underlying unit of measure, differing from the base unit of measure in which the inventory valuation is performed in ERP.

If you have defined a parallel unit of measure that is not the valuation unit, the system automatically sets the leading logistics unit of measure for EWM. In each case, this must be defined for the catch weight process, so that the system can decide which of the previously entered units of measure is applicable in EWM. The system can then perform a calculation for one of the other units of measure.


You handle all EWM-specific transactions for a product in pieces. However, your accounting department then subsequently writes an invoice specifying the amount of kilograms delivered.