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Fundamental Security Guides

The Quality Inspection Engine (QIE) component is based on the Web Application Server (Web AS). Therefore, the corresponding Security Guides also apply to the QIE component. Pay particular attention to the most relevant sections or specific restrictions as indicated in the table below.

Fundamental Security Guides

Scenario, Application or Component Security Guide

Most relevant Sections or Specific Restrictions


SAP NetWeaver Security Guide


SAP Web AS Security Guide

For a complete list of the available SAP Security Guides, see the SAP Service Marketplace at

Important SAP Notes

The most important SAP Notes that apply to the security of QIE are shown in the table below.

Important SAP Notes

SAP Note Number




Security Guide: Quality Inspection Engine

The note covers all problems discovered after the publication of the security guide and additional information about security issues.

For a list of additional security-relevant SAP Hot News and SAP Notes, see also SAP Service Marketplace at


Additional Information

For more information about specific topics, see the Quick Links as shown in the table below:

Quick Links to Additional Information


Quick Link on the SAP Service Marketplace


Security Guides

Related SAP Notes

Released Platforms

Network Security

SAP Solution Manager


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