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User management for the Quality Inspection Engine (QIE) employs the mechanisms provided by the SAP Web Application Server ABAP, for example, tools, user types, and password policies. For an overview of how these mechanisms apply to QIE, see the sections below. In addition, we provide a list of the standard users required for operating QIE.

User Administration Tools

The table below shows the tools for user management and user administration in QIE.

User Management Tools


Detailed Description


User and role maintenance with SAP Web AS ABAP (Transactions SU01, PFCG) 

For more information, see Users and Roles (BC-SEC-USR)


User Types

It is often necessary to specify different security policies for different types of users. For example, your policy may specify that individual users who perform tasks interactively have to change their passwords on a regular basis, but not those users who run background processing jobs.

The user types that are required for QIE include:

        Individual users: dialog users are used for QIE Customizing.

For more information, see User Types in the SAP Web AS ABAP Security Guide.

Standard Users

QIE does not require any specific standard users.

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