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 Posting Change Request


A posting change request is a document into which the system copies all relevant logistics data from the initiator of this process for a posting change process triggered externally.


You use the posting change request to save the logistics data transferred from a reference document in order to create a posting change . For more information about the posting change process, see Warehouse Request for Posting Changes .


For a description of the structure for a posting change request, see Documents in Delivery Processing .


The execution of the action depends on the settings in the Post Processing Framework (PPF) .

The following configuration exists in the standard system:

  • The delivery process receives a message from a reference document with all the relevant logistics data. A posting change request is created automatically as a result of this message. All the information contained in the message is saved in the posting change request.

    A posting change is created automatically from the posting change request.

  • Changing an existing inactive posting change request:

    You can edit the data in the inactive posting change request, and generate a posting change by activating it manually (see: Using Inactive and Active Document Versions ). You can also assign an inactive posting change request manually.