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  Post Processing Framework in Delivery Processing


The Post Processing Framework (PPF)is a SAP basis technology used in Delivery Processing for scheduling and processing actions with reference to a document .


The PPF provides basic functions that are delivered with pre-defined settings depending on the application. You can adjust the settings as you require. Note that to what extend it is recommended to make changes to the presettings depends on the application.


The PPF provides the following functions:

  • Technique for determining actions

  • Technique for aggregating found actions

  • Medium for processing actions

  • User interface for Customizing action templates including determination and aggregation techniques as well as processing mediums

  • User interface for Customizing conditions if you use determination via conditions

Action Profile

The actions are saved in an action profile. The action profile is linked to the document type. You assign the actions to a document type via the action profile.


In the PPF there are schedule conditions and start conditions. Delivery processing only uses the schedule conditions. You use the schedule conditions to determine when an action is scheduled.

Example Example

For more information, see Post Processing Framework (BC-SRV-GBT) .

End of the example.


In Customizing for Delivery Processing , you can execute the following activities:

  • Define actions

  • Define action profiles

  • Define conditions


Examples of actions include:

  • Activate inbound delivery notification

  • Post goods receipt

  • Print delivery note