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  Outbound Delivery Order


The outbound delivery order is a document containing all the data required for triggering and monitoring the complete outbound delivery process. This process starts with the first planning activities for the outbound delivery and continues until the finished goods have been loaded and sent.


You either use the outbound delivery order to preview the planning of pending warehouse activities or to execute the actions required to create the delivery.

You can use the outbound delivery order to execute the following actions:

  • Creating the delivery and therefore creating an outbound delivery

  • Picking the delivery

  • Canceling the “delivery picking”

  • Loading the delivery

  • Canceling the “delivery loading”

  • Setting the status Leave Yard

  • Adjusting the delivery quantity to the picked quantity

  • Posting a goods movement

  • Canceling a goods movement

  • Creating items

  • Deleting items

You can save, validate, delete and archive an outbound delivery order.


For a description of the structure for an outbound delivery order, see Documents in Delivery Processing .


The execution of the actions depends on the settings in the Post Processing Framework (PPF) .

The following configuration exists in the standard system:

  • The outbound delivery order is created automatically after activating the outbound delivery request . Here, all the relevant data is copied from the outbound delivery request.

    One or several outbound deliveries are created from the outbound delivery order.

  • The outbound delivery order has the status Locked (Preceding Document) when only used as a preview for planning warehouse activities. This status is determined via the corresponding outbound delivery request from the reference document. In this case, you cannot create a delivery.