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  Inbound Delivery Notification


The inbound delivery notification is a document containing all the relevant logistics data in the inbound delivery process right from the origin of the inbound delivery process (shipping notification, delivery note or purchase order, for example).

The shipping notification from the supplier is saved in the inbound delivery notification.


You use the inbound delivery notification to save the logistics data transferred data from a reference document in order to create an inbound delivery .

Using the inbound delivery notification, you can also process or reject incoming changes to an existing inbound delivery.


For a description of the structure, see Documents in Delivery Processing .


The execution of the actions depends on the settings in the Post Processing Framework (PPF) .

The following configuration exists in the standard system:

  • The delivery process receives a message from a reference document with all the relevant logistics data. An inbound delivery notification is created automatically as a result of this message. All the information contained in the message is saved in the inbound delivery notification.

    An inbound delivery is created automatically from the inbound delivery notification.

  • Changing an existing inbound delivery:

    If a change to an existing inbound delivery is rejected, an inactive inbound delivery notification (inactive version) is created in addition to the existing active inbound delivery notification. You can process the data in the inactive inbound delivery notification and you can create a new inbound delivery by activating the request manually.