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SAP® Event Stream Processor enables you to create and run your own complex event processing applications to derive continuous intelligence from streaming event data in real time. Using raw data from external sources, Event Stream Processor can identify the actionable pieces of information out of the flood of data, and redeposit the relevant information wherever necessary, such as an SAP HANA table.

SAP Event Stream Processor and Complex Event Processing

SAP Event Stream Processor is a form of complex event processing (CEP), a technique for analyzing information about events, in real time, for situational awareness. When vast numbers of event messages are flooding in, it is difficult to see the big picture. With Event Stream Processor, you can analyze events as they stream in and identify emerging threats and opportunities as they happen. The ESP server filters, aggregates, and summarizes data to enable better decision making based on more complete and timely information.

ESP is not an end-user application, but an enabling technology that provides tools that make it easy to develop and deploy both simple and complex projects. It provides a highly scalable runtime environment in which to deploy those projects.

SAP Event Stream Processor provides high-level tools for defining how events are processed and analyzed. Developers can work in either a visual or text-oriented authoring environment. You can define logic that is applied to incoming events to:
  • Combine data from multiple sources, producing derived event streams that include richer and more complete information.
  • Compute value-added information to enable rapid decision making.
  • Watch for specific conditions or patterns to enable instantaneous response.
  • Produce high-level information, such as summary data, statistics, and trends to see the big picture, or the net effect, of many individual events.
  • Continuously recompute key operating values based on complex analysis of incoming data.
  • Collect raw and result data into a historical database for historical analysis and compliance.
SAP Event Stream Processor Runtime Environment

As an engine for an event-driven architecture (EDA), Event Stream Processor can absorb, aggregate, correlate, and analyze events to produce new high-level events that can trigger responses, and high-level information that shows the current state of the business. SAP Event Stream Processor:

  • Processes data continuously as it arrives.
  • Processes data before it is stored, thus achieving extremely high throughput and low latency, enabling better decision making based on more complete and timely information.
  • Separates business logic from data management, making it easier to maintain the business logic and reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Provides enterprise class scalability, reliability, and security.