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 Loading Sets of Hits


You have display authorization for the set of hits group in which the set of hits you want to load is located.


  1. Call the specification workbench .

  2. In the navigation area, double-click <Specification Category> . <Specification Category> stands for the specification category of the specifications for which you have created the set of hits that you want to load.

  3. Choose Start of the navigation path Utilities Next navigation step Set of Hits Next navigation step Load End of the navigation path .

    The group overview of the sets of hits is displayed.

  4. Choose the set of hits you require by double-clicking.

  5. If the key date or change number with which the selected hit list was saved is different from the key date or change number that is set in the workbench, you must first transfer the key date or change number to the workbench settings. To do this, choose Yes in the dialog box that is displayed in this case.


A set of hits is displayed in the form of a hit list.

Note Note

Search criteria entered on the initial screen are not taken into account when the set of hits is loaded.

End of the note.