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  Executing Queries


This procedure enables you to execute the specification search saved in a query.

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You can execute long and complex queries in the background using the drilldown reporting job function. The result is saved automatically as a set of hits.

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You have display authorization for the query group in which the query you want to execute is located.


  1. Call the Specification Workbench .

  2. In the navigation area, double-click <Specification Category> . <Specification Category> stands for the specification category of the specifications you want to find using the query, in other words, the specifications, for which you want to execute the query.

    The Edit Specification: Initial Screen appears.

  3. Choose Start of the navigation path Utilities Next navigation step Query Next navigation step Load End of the navigation path .

    The group overview of the queries is displayed.

  4. Double-click the query that you want to execute.

  5. If required, enter a change number (see Engineering Change Management for Specifications ), a key date, and a period in which the search criteria saved in the query must be fulfilled (see Specification Search ). Note that you can only execute a query if the key date and the change number match the settings in the workbench. You can copy the settings from the dialog box to the workbench.

    Note Note

    Search criteria entered on the initial screen are not taken into account when the query is executed.

    While the query is being executed, you have no influence on the search for specifications unless the search results in more specifications than you specified in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools under Specify Environment Parameters in the environment parameter QRY_HITLIST_MAX_ENTRIES. In this case, a dialog box appears in which you can decide how you wish to continue:

    • Choose Hit list if you want to continue the search from the query with the same search criteria.

    • Choose Simple if you want to continue the search from the query with the same search criteria, but want the result to be displayed in a simplified hit list. This hit list then only contains the specification key, the specification type, and the value that lead to the specification being included in the hit list.

    • Choose Refine if you want to enter additional search criteria to refine the search.

    • Choose Reduce if you want to enter additional search criteria to reduce the search.

    • Choose Cancel if you want to start a new search.

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A set of specifications appears in the form of a hit list .

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