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 Use of Order Assignments


You can assign an order to the following points:

  • Profit center

  • Revision

  • Project

  • Investment program

  • Funds Management

  • Real estate object

  • Joint venture


Assignment to a Revision

Revisions are often planned in a company for certain periods during the year or during production. During these periods, certain technical system parts or even the entire company may shut down, allowing a large amount of maintenance work to be performed.

When planning orders, you determine (amongst other things) that certain activities could be performed most conveniently during the next revision. You assign these orders to one of the revisions, which are managed in the system.

Assignment to a Project

The order can be assigned to a WBS (work breakdown structure) element or a network operation from the project. In the case of assignment to a project, the project dates represent the definitive basic dates for the order.

If you assign the order to both a WBS element and a network, the system will always copy the dates for the network operation; they have priority over the dates in the WBS element.

Assignment to an Investment Program

You use this constellation primarily to control the maintenance budget centrally, independently of investments. The budget for an investment program can be distributed down to order level. Each order is then considered individually.

You assign orders, in which investment measures are described and planned in detail, to investment programs. You can therefore manage the investment budget for all measures. Refer to Investment Management (Overview) .

Assignment to Funds Management

You can assign orders to terms from Funds Management. The account assignment terms of the order are thereby linked to those of Funds Management. Refer to Funds Management .

Assignment to a Real Estate Object

You can assign orders to real estate objects to clarify exactly the costs for these objects with regard to Plant Maintenance. Refer to IS-RE - Real Estate .

Assignment to a Joint Venture

In order to divide risks, costs and revenues for a joint venture, also with reference to Plant Maintenance, you can assign orders to a joint venture.

Example Example

The ownership of an oil rig is shared by three different companies. One of these companies is responsible for maintenance of the oil rig. The costs of maintenance work are consolidated, that is, distributed to all three companies according to their share in ownership.

End of the example.