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  Process Browser


Tool with which the HR Administrator can obtain an overview of all processes and associated process steps. The HR administrator can also use the process browser to display the Employee Profile of the employee ( General Data iView ( that is affected by a process, the data for the employee that started the process, and the forms that are assigned to the individual process steps of the relevant process.


You use the process browser to search for processes in the system. You use the search help of the process browser to do this. You enter your search criteria and start the search.

The system displays a list of processes that match the search criteria. In the list, you can view the data for the employee that is affected by the relevant process and the data for the person who started the process.

Once you have selected a process in the search results, you can use the Details function to display a list of all previous process steps . By double-clicking a process step, you open the associated form in the display mode. The form contains all data and attachments that existed when the relevant process step was completed.


The process browser consists of the following two views:

  • Process Search (iView:

    This view contains the selection criteria for the simple Search for Processes. The number of selection criteria can be increased using the Advanced Search function. The system displays the search results in a list below the search criteria.

  • Process Details (iView:

    This view contains entries with the general data of the process that you selected beforehand in the results list of the process search, and a list of all process steps executed for the process thus far.

From a technical point of view, the views correspond to the following iViews:


The process browser is a tool that is available to the HR administrator through the Find Processes service on its Portal page in the Work Overview workset.

A process browser for which the search criteria are predefined is the Open Processes iView ( This is also available to the HR administrator in the Work Overview workset. It contains a list of all processes in which the HR administrator is involved and that are not yet completed. The HR administrator can use all functions that are also available to the process browser; however, it is not possible to search for processes.

The HR administrator can select an employee in the Employee Data workset and use the Display Processes service to display all processes in which the affected employee is involved. The system uses the process browser for this and displays the process list using the Process Search iView ( where the name of the employee affected is predefined as a selection criterion.