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 Maternity Leave (Germany)


The Maternity Leave process supports an employee’s request for maternity leave that is initiated by the employee herself. Once the process has been performed successfully, the master data of the affected employee is updated. Meaning, the employee's leaving was performed at the master data level. As well as the employee, the HR Administrator portal role also actively performs the process. The administrator receives an e-mail from the employee who submits the Certificate of Pregnancy and the 7 Weeks Certificate as attachments using the Maternity Leave service in the Employee Self-Service application in the Life and Work Events area.


To use this sample process for test purposes, you must have performed the Customizing activities for HR Administrative Services as described in Start of the navigation path Configuration of Forms/Processes Next navigation step Sample Processes for HCM Processes and Forms End of the navigation path .

Technical Objects for Implementing and Executing the Process

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Maternity Leave (DE)

Workflow Template


Maternity Leave

ISR Scenario


Maternity Leave



Maternity Leave

Form Scenario


Maternity Leave



Maternity Leave

Scenario Steps

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Attachment Types

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Certificate of Pregnancy

7 Weeks Certificate

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Personnel Administration infotypes

Maternity Leave (Determine absence types)

Time Management Infotypes

Process Flow

  1. Employee starts the Maternity Leave process

    The employee selects the Maternity Leave process and enters the expected date of delivery. The absence dates resulting from the expected date of delivery are displayed for the employee, for information purposes. The employee can also insert the certificates as attachments. (Alternatively, the employee can inform the HR Administrator by telephone, and the HR Administrator then enters the information for the employee.)

  2. HR Administrator checks the submitted Certificate of Pregnancy

    The HR Administrator checks the entered data for completeness, in particular, whether the Certificate of Pregnancy was submitted. If a certificate is not yet available in the system, the administrator requests this from the employee (by mail or telephone).

  3. HR Administrator requests the 7 Weeks Certificate

    The HR Administrator requests the 7 Weeks Certificate (by mail or telephone).

  4. End of process


A new data record for maternity protection (Maternity Protection/Parental Leaveinfotype (0080)) is created in the employee's master data, and a new absence record is created in the time management data (Absencesinfotype (2001)). The system automatically determines the absence data, depending on the (estimated) date of delivery.