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A description that uses identifiers and value assignments such as physical and chemical properties, medical advice, and details on transport and storage.


The specification is the central data object for mapping substances, agents, packagings, waste codes, and dangerous goods classifications in the SAP component Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S).


The specification category groups specifications generally according to their usage and meaning. Specification categories are further subdivided into specification types . The specification categories are predefined; you cannot change them. You specify the specification types in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools .

Specification Category

Possible Specification Types


Real substance, listed substance


Noise, dust, real substance


Box, barrel, bottle

Waste code

Waste code

Dangerous goods classification

Specification types according to the regulation families

Each specification can be described in the identification by a number of identifiers in the form of numbers, names, or chemical formulas.

A specification can pass on data to one or more other specifications by reference or inheritance .


Authorization groups divide specifications into user groups that are authorized to work with these specifications.

Specifications are assigned values in value assignment using the value assignment types of various value assignment categories (such as Property , Composition , and Listing ).

From the point of view of logistics, you can assign one or more materials to a specification, depending on the specification type (see Material Assignment ). This means you can use a specification as often as you wish.