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 Processing Operations Externally

With Individual Purchase Order and Service Specifications

  1. Select the operation overview of the order.

  2. If you want to assign an entire order to an external company, you must create an order for this that only contains one operation.

  3. Enter the control key for the operations or sub-operations that you want to assign to an external company. Differentiate between external processing without service specifications and external processing with service specifications .

Note Note

If the Externally processed operation indicator has been set in the External processing field in Customizing for the control key used, a purchase requisition is triggered automatically by the system.

If the Res/PReq indicator has been set in Customizing for Start of the navigation path Functions and Settings for Order Types Next navigation step Define Change Docs, Collective Purc. Req. Indicator, Operation No. Interval End of the navigation path , the purchase requisition is triggered immediately. If the indicator is not set, the purchase requisition is not automatically triggered when the order is released.

If you only decide later that an operation should be processed externally and the Res/PReq indicator is not set, you can use the Activate res./purch.req. function to trigger the purchase requisitions. This function can only be executed once in the order. Subsequently, all purchase requisitions are always triggered immediately.

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  1. Select the operations or sub-operations.

  2. Select the detail screen for external processing.

  3. The External Processing Operation screen appears for the first operation or sub-operation selected.

  4. Enter the following data on this screen:

- For operations which you want to create without service specifications , you can, for example, enter components here.

- For operations which you want to create with service specifications , enter the services here.

In addition, make all the entries for the procurement options.

Note Note

You have the option of defining the data for external processing in the form of default value profiles in Customizing by choosing Functions and Settings for Order Types Create Default Value Profiles for External Processing . These profiles are dependent on user, plant and order types. They simplify data entry for external procurement of materials and services.

If no default values are available in the system, it automatically calls up the external processing screen using the default value profile, so that you can enter the missing data.

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  1. Choose Next operation to process the external processing data for the next operation or sub-operation.

  2. When you have processed all the selected operations and sub-operations, the operation overview screen reappears.

  3. Save the order.

At the point defined in Customizing, the system creates purchase requisitions. You can find the number of the purchase requisition for the operation on the actual data screen for the operation or sub-operation.

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