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 HRBAS00_STRUAUTH (BAdI: Structural Authorization)


Business Add-In (BAdI) that you can use to implement a customer-specific test procedure for the structural authorization check.


You can implement a customer-specific test procedure for general and structural authorization checks using a Business Add-In (BAdI). The BAdI for the structural authorization check is called HRBAS00_STRUAUTH.

Note Note

You can find the Business Add-In (BAdI) in the IMG for Personnel Management under Start of the navigation path Organizational Management Next navigation step Basic Settings Next navigation step Authorization Management Next navigation step Structural Authorization Next navigation step BAdI: Structural Authorization End of the navigation path . You can find information on implementing a BAdI in the documentation of the corresponding IMG activity.

For general information on Business Add-Ins and their implementation, see also Notes under BAdI: Customer-specific authorization checks .

End of the note.

You can implement the BAdI using the following methods,allof which must be implemented:






The following describes the individual methods, which are coordinated using the IF_EX_AUTHORITY_BADI interface. The method interfaces are stored in the system as documentation of the corresponding methods. Review the method documentation of the corresponding method if you are implementing a new method or changing method.

  • CHECK_AUTHORITY_VIEW ( Check Structural Authorization of an Object )

This method checks a user’s structural authorization for an object once the set of authorized objects for this user (VIEW) is determined.

This implementation should reduce runtime problems if this user should be granted authorization for large structures. This enables the check to be performed by object type or by user. The authorization check can also be implemented independently of the VIEW.

  • FILL_DATE_VIEW ( Fill Table of Authorization Ranges for an Object )

This method fills the interval tables for the intervals that a user has authorization to access an object. The authorization check can also be performed independently of the VIEW created.

  • FILL_HYPER_VIEW ( Fill Table of Authorization Relationships )

This method fills the relationship tables (HYPER_VIEW) for relationships that a user has authorization for. The tables can be filled by object type or by user.

  • CHECK_AUTH_PLAN1 ( Check Personnel Authorization )

This method checks the structural authorization from a personnel administration perspective (for example, write or read access) and fills the period tables for which a user has authorization accordingly.


In the BAdI, you can display sample implementation code under Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Display Sample Coding End of the navigation path . You can also view this sample code in the Class Builder (SE24), by displaying the CL_EXM_IM_HRBAS00_STRUAUTH class and the corresponding methods.