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 Creating an Order and Notification Together


In your system in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Next navigation step Maintenance and Service Processing Next navigation step Maintenance and Service Orders Next navigation step Functions and Settings for Order Types Next navigation step Maintain Indicators for Notification and Order Data on One Screen End of the navigation path , the following must have been defined for an order type:

  • Notification data can be entered on the header data screen for the order

  • The type of notification which should be created in this case


  1. Call up the initial screen for creating an order.

  2. Enter the order type configured in Customizing.

  3. Complete the other fields on the initial screen according to your requirements, and proceed with the creation of the order. Refer to Creating an Order .

  4. Enter the required notification data on the header data screen for the order.

  5. Save the order.

The system saves the order and automatically creates a notification for the order based on the data entered and the valid Customizing settings. The notification number is entered in the order header.

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