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  Worklist for Notifications


Using the worklist for notifications for a maintenance or service order, you can group together similar notifications for processing. To do this, you must enter a maintenance task list in the maintenance or service notification.

The functions are relevant for the following notifications:

  • Notifications that were created manually

  • Notifications that were created using maintenance plans (maintenance plan notifications)

The automatic creation of operations for the order occurs when you:

  • Group together several notifications for one order

  • Assign a notification to an order

The system explodes the task lists assigned to a notification, copies the operations from the task lists into the order, and writes the notification to the object list of the order. The relationship between the notification and the operation can still be traced in the order.

Note Note

Using the worklist for notifications, you can, for example, group together all notifications for a particular building or for a particular work center, and optimize the maintenance activities for which a special analysis chest is required.

Each notification contains the tasks for later execution in the operations of the task list. The grouping of notifications for an order makes it significantly easier to, for example, print shop papers and make confirmations.

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The following prerequistes must be met:

  • In Customizing for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service under Define Notification and Order Integration , you have determined for which object list entries the automatic assignment of operations is to be possible: for all object list entries, for all notifications, or only for maintenance plan notifications.

  • If you want to assign not yet assigned operations in an order to object list entries (for example, notifications, equipment, or functional locations), you must have made the relevant setting in Customizing. You can find further information under Display or Change Operational Assignment of Object List Entries .

  • Notification and maintenance task list

    • If you want the system to copy the operations from a task list when grouping together the notifications for an order, then input a task list in manually created notifications . You can find additional information under Assigning a Task list to a Notification .

    • If you are working with maintenance plan notifications , the system transfers the task list for the notification from the maintenance item of the maintenance plan.

      You should, if necessary, assign a task list to the maintenance items of maintenance plans that create maintenance or service notifications.

Process Flow

  1. You create notifications in the SAP system in one of the following ways:

    • You create notifications manually and, if necessary, specify a task list in the notification (see Assigning a Task List to a Notification ).

    • For all planned maintenance activities within your company, you create separate maintenance plans with the maintenance call object “Notification”. When you do this, you can specify a task list in which the activities are described in the maintenance item of the maintenance plan.

      Maintenance plan scheduling causes the system to create a maintenance or service notification when the maintenance calls for every maintenance item of a maintenance plan fall due. The task list from the maintenance item is included as a reference in the notification.

  2. When creating a worklist for notifications, you must pay attention to the following:

    • To group together several notifications for one order, you must call up list processing for notifications in change mode.

      If you call up list processing for notifications in change mode, you can display notifications and select the ones that you wish to group together in the worklist for the order.

    • You can also assign the notifications directly in the order or assign an order within a notification.

      For more information, see Create and Process Worklist for Notifications .

  3. When you create a worklist, the notifications are grouped as follows:

    • The individual notifications are displayed in the object list for the order. You can still trace which operations are associated with which notification.

    • Notification with task list

      When you are assigning the notification, the system copies the operations from the task list specified in the notification to the order. The sequence of the operations represents the sequence of the notifications in the object list to which they are assigned.

    • Notification without task list

      If there is no task list specified in the notification, the system creates a dummy operation for this notification in the order.

  4. You can print out and process the order with all of its operations.

  5. You confirm the completed activities to the order.