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 Personnel Administration (PA-PA)


In times of increasing decentralization and the globalization of markets, an efficient and transparent administration for personnel data is a decisive advantage.

You can manage all modern personnel administration tasks with this application component. Personnel Administration relieves you from the daily administrative routine activities which are costly and time consuming, while simultaneously supporting you in demanding planning activities.

Another advantage of this application component - especially for international corporations - is the various country specific versions which are created in accordance with the respective country specific features. By using country specific versions, you can set up Personnel Administration as a standard personnel administration system in different countries.


With other HR Application Components

Personnel Administrationis completely integrated in the Human Resource component of the SAP System. If you require additional functions to those offered byPersonnel Administration, you will need to set up the following application components:

Desired Function

Required Application Component

Transfer applicant data when hired to Personnel Administration .


Automatically incorporate new employees in the organizational structure of the company

Organizational Structure

Transfer employee compensation directly to the employees’ payment

Compensation Management

Trigger transfer from Personnel Development

Personnel Development


Using this application component, you can enter and process employee-related data within your company. Personnel Administration automatically checks all data as it is entered to ensure that it is plausible. All employee-related data is logged with the exact date. Data remains transparent in your time progression at all times, and creates the basis for sound personnel decisions.

The following personnel administration functions are available in Personnel Administration :

  • You can store all types of information about an employee in Human Resources Infotypes. They provide information with a structure, facilitate data entry, and enable you to store data for specific periods.

  • Basic personnel procedures within master data administration, such as hiring employees, performing organizational reassignments, and entering the data required for employees who leave the enterprise, are represented by separate personnel actions . Each personnel action contains the infotypes for which data must be entered in regard to the action in question, and displays them sequentially for you to process. You can use the personnel action fast entry for specific personnel actions, thus making data entry even quicker. When using the personnel action fast entry function, you are presented with a view in which only the input fields where you must enter data for the selected personnel action are displayed.

  • The Master Data Fast Entry reduces the amount of time needed to enter bulk data into the system. The master data fast entry is used to process personnel data in the same infotype for many employees simultaneously. When using the master data fast entry, you are presented with a view in which only the input fields where you must enter data for the employees selected are displayed.

  • Reporting plays an essential role in human resources data. There are numerous standard reports available so that you are able to evaluate the multitude of data managed in your company.

  • You can scan in and archive original documents, for example work contracts, appraisals or employee photographs using Document Archiving . As time goes on, you can centrally administer an increasing number of personnel files, thus saving costs and time.

  • If you have data which is no longer required in the system, yet should be retained and be available for evaluation, you can remove it from the database using Data Archiving . Long-term documents from the creation of infotype logs can be archived in Personnel Administration .

  • Workflow-Management accelerates processing and the flow of information in personnel administration by coordinating and monitoring the flow of business processes step by step. SAP Business Workflow automates, for example, the Subsequent Activities of a New Hiring in Personnel Administration .

  • Application Link Enabling (ALE) enables the distribution of business management processes and functions to many loosely linked SAP Systems. Amongst other things, the ALE business process Sales Employee is available in Personnel Administration .

  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) allows employees to create, display, and change their own data in the company’s intranet. In Personnel Administration , for example, employees can use the Personal Data service to create and edit their own personal data. In this way, employees can keep their own data up-to-date, while simultaneously reducing the number of time-consuming and expensive activities performed by the Human Resources Department.