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 Order Processing: External Processing


Tasks can be executed by external companies, for example, if your own workshops:

  • Do not have sufficient capacity

  • Cannot call upon any qualified personnel for special tasks

  • Would execute a task at greater cost

Note Note

In the documentation about external processing, only the differences in conditions and process flows compared with internal processing are described.

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The following tasks can be processed externally (see Processing Operations Externally ):

  • Individual operations or sub-operations for an order

  • An entire order

To do this, you create an order that contains only one operation.

The following forms of processing are available for external processing:

  • Processing with an external company as work center

  • Processing with an individual purchase order

  • Processing with service specifications

Note Note

Tasks to be executed regularly which are the same can be combined in a task list (see Working with Task Lists ). In this task list, you can use control keys for operations to be processed externally with an individual purchase order, and for operations to be processed externally with service specifications.

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You mark the operations for orders to be processed externally as operations to be processed externally using a corresponding control key.

You create the external company in the vendor master record, which is maintained by the accounting and purchasing departments.

Process Flow

For detailed information about the process flow for order processing in external processing, see: