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 Confirmation of Measurement and Counter Readings


Measurement and counter readings are frequently used in Customer Service and Plant Maintenance. They serve to monitor the actual condition of the technical system and are read at regular intervals by the employee responsible and entered into the system in the form of measurement documents.

Measurement or counter readings are also often entered during order processing. The employees performing the work enter the results of the readings in the form of measurement documents for the completion confirmation.

Measurement and counter readings often provide the first indication that maintenance work is required, whether planned or unplanned.

Example Example

A planned task is due:

The vehicle mileometer shows a reading of 50,000 miles. This counter reading triggers a call for the vehicle maintenance plan, since comprehensive maintenance and inspection is planned when this figure is reached.

An unplanned task is due:

Despite strong wind, the rotational speed of a windmill is very low. This indicates a malfunction. An inspection of the windmill is requested by the employee reading the counter.

End of the example.

After the task has been completed, the restored normal condition of the technical system is often recorded with a final reading or measurement in the final confirmation.


You enter measurement and counter readings in the form of measurement documents for a specific order operation.

A measurement document consists of the following data groups:

  • Data on the measuring point

  • Data on the measurement result

  • Additional information (short text or long text) if required

You can use a measurement document to enter the following data:

  • The exact time the measurement or reading was taken (time stamp)

  • The exact measurement or counter reading

  • A qualitative assessment of the measurement or counter reading

  • A general text on the measurement document

  • The name of the person who took the measurement/reading

  • The processing status of the measurement document

For more information, see Entering Measurement and Counter Readings .

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