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 P_PYEVRUN (HR: Posting Run)


Authorization object that is used during the authorization check for posting runs.


The P_PYEVRUN authorization object contains the following fields, which are tested during an authorization check:

Authorization Field

Long Text


Run Type


Posting Run: Simulation Indicator



More Information About the Fields

  • The P_EVTYP field contains the run type that is to be tested during the authorization check. The following values are possible:

PP: : Payroll Posting

TP: : Posting Third-Party Remittance

AP: : Posting Tax/SI Austria

  • The P_EVSIMU field specifies whether the authorization check should be carried out for simulation or live runs.

  • The AUTHC field contains the activity for the authorization (for example, Display). The following values are possible:

01: : Add or Create

03: : Display

06: : Delete

10: : Post

85: : Reverse