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SAPscript calls the individual text components of a form text elements. To achieve good structuring and readability, you assign a fixed name to each text element in the form. The print program then uses these names to access the elements. This name applies also for translated versions of a text element, while the contents of the text elements depend on the language.

Text elements are related to a window, that is, a print program can call for each window only those text elements that exist in this window. The screen below (shot in the SAPscript line editor) shows the definition of the text elements HEADING and FLIGHTLIST in the window MAIN. The variables used within '&...&' are replaced by the system at output time (see also Representing Text Elements in the PC Editor).

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

You can compare text elements with numbered texts in ABAP programs (for example, TEXT-001). However, text elements are much more flexible:

In each window, you may use two different kinds of text elements:

Text Elements with Names

Text Elements Without Names

The print program can Activate Text Elements.