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 Assignment to Profit Centers


You can use profit centers to define particular areas of responsibility within your organization, for which an individual operating result is determined.

Individual profit centers within a company could be, for example:

  • Plant Maintenance

  • Production

  • Administration


In the order, you can enter the profit center on the Detail data tab page.

The entry in this field is proposed by the system from the cost center for the main work center. However, you can overwrite this.

If you change the main work center in the order, the system does not automatically change the profit center on the header detail data screen. You must make any change required manually.

When you release the order, the system uses the cost center to check whether the main work center entered is assigned to a different profit center from the one entered. If this is the case, the system makes an entry in the release log.

Until the order has incurred actual costs, you can change the profit center in the order at any time.