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 Settlement (CO)


The SAP components all handle settlement of business objects using the same settlement logic.

During settlement, some or all of the plan or actual costs incurred on an object are allocated to one or more receivers. The system automatically generates offsetting entries to credit the sender object. The debit postings assigned once to a sender object remain in place, even after settlement to a receiver (and can therefore be displayed). The costs settled are updated on the corresponding receiver object and displayed in reporting.

Note Note

Settlement occurs in parallel in all valuations, with the exception of settlement to fixed assets and profitability segments. For the settlement to fixed assets, the system takes the amount used in legal valuation. The system moves back the operational valuation for the settlement to the profitability segment. The following graphic shows how the system debits the order with this amount in all valuations:

A line item settlement to a fixed asset is only possible, if the legal valuation is the operational valuation.

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