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 P_HAP_DOC (Appraisal Systems: Appraisal)


Authorization object that controls users’ access to forms.


In addition to assigning authorization for forms, you can also use this authorization object to restrict the structural authorizations, which control authorization access within the organizational structure. You do so by defining for which part of the organizational structure the user should only have read authorization and for which part he or she should also have write authorization. This enables you, for example, to define that the person responsible for the personnel area Recruiting can change the appraisals of his or her own employees but only display those of the employees in the other personnel area.


The P_HAP_DOC authorization object contains the following fields, which are tested during an authorization check:

Authorization Field

Long Text




Plan Version


Appraisal Category Group ID


Appraisal Category ID


Appraisal Form


Authorization Profile

More Information About the Fields

TheACTVTfield specifies the activities for which a user has authorization. The following values are possible:




ThePLVARfield specifies which plan version(s) the user is authorized to access.

TheHAP_CAT_Gfield specifies that the user is only authorized to access forms of the category group(s) entered here.

TheHAP_CATfield specifies that the user is only authorized to access forms of the category(ies) entered here.

TheHAP_TEMPLfield specifies that the user is only authorized to access the form(s) entered here.

ThePROFLfield specifies which target object(s) a user has access to by entering a structural profile. This enables you to determine, for example, that a user has change authorization for the forms of all employees in his or her department and display authorization for the forms of all other employees.


Note that you can only enter structural profiles that are assigned to the user in table T77UA ( User Authorizations = Assignment of Profile to User ) in thePROFLfield.

If you use the HRBAS00_GET_PROFL (BAdI: Define Assigned Structural Profiles) Business Add-In (BAdI), you do not have to maintain the entries in table T77UA. This BAdI enables you to implement an alternative determination of structural profiles.

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