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 Orders (CS-SE/PM-WOC-MO)


Orders form an important part of the detailed planning of tasks and their accompanying documentation in Plant Maintenance or Customer Service.

A technician on site must execute tasks at a technical object. For this, materials, utilities and staff must be planned and costs estimated. The order supports you with these tasks, since it primarily contains data for planning and executing tasks, which must be performed at the technical object in question.

Implementation Considerations

You can also supplement them with notifications . However, it is not necessary to use notifications in order to use orders.


The extensive functions available for orders are supplemented through integration with the following application components:

Materials Management (MM)

  • Representation of all the processes required for the management of parts or materials

  • Management of repairable spares to be refurbished

For more information, see Inventory Management .

  • External procurement of materials and services

For more information, see Purchase Requisitions and Basic Process for Procurement of Service .

Project System (PS)

  • Representation of complex tasks which cover several orders and for which certain dependencies exist between the orders

For more information, see Project System .

Quality Management (QM)

  • Automatic generation of inspection lots for the calibration inspection

For more information, see Planning of Calibration Inspection .

  • Management of test equipment used in QM

For more information, see Test Equipment Management and Where-Used Lists and Central Replacement .

  • Detailed results documentation for inspections with subsequent where-used list

For more information, see Results Recording .

Production Planning and Control (PP)

  • Provision of data about maintenance or repair activities at work centers in Production using the graphical planning board

For more information, see Capacity Planning in Customer Service and Capacity Planning in Plant Maintenance .

Financial Accounting (FI)

  • Management of customer and vendor data

For more information, see Creditor Master Data and Debitor Master Data .

  • Invoice creation and verification

For more information, see Invoice/Credit Memo Entry and Logistics – Invoice Verification .

Funds Management (FI)

  • Cash budget monitoring

  • Completion of settlement of services, operations or material, which can lead to a commitment without special account assignment

For more information, see Funds Management .

Asset Accounting (FI-AA)

  • Direct settlement of activities which must be capitalized to the affected system

  • Display of the connection between business and maintenance-specific views of your system

For more information, see Asset Accounting (Overview) .

Controlling (CO)

  • Definition of settlement records for work centers

For more information, see Cost Center Planning .

  • Settlement of orders with internal activity allocation of actual costs

For more information, see Settlement .

  • Evaluation of maintenance tasks, for example, by cost center

For more information, see Information System .

Investment Management (IM)

  • Detailed monitoring of accounts for complex measures

  • Management of budgets for all measures

  • Use of investment orders

For more information, see Investment Management (Overview) .

Personnel Management (PA)

  • Provision of data on the qualifications of employees, so that you can find suitable personnel for the activities required

For more information, see Personnel Administration .

Workflow Management (BC-BMT-WFM)

  • Automatic control and editing of process flows for all jobs during the planning and execution of tasks

For more information, see Maintenance and Service Orders (PM-WOC-MO/CS-SE) .

The following interfaces to external systems are also available:

External System

Application Scenario

SAP Business-to-Business Procurement for material planning using external catalogs on the Internet

From the PC, you call up catalogs, which are stored on the Internet, choose the required materials and copy them to the order.

SAP ArchiveLink™ for optical storage of incoming documents

You can assign different documents (for example, photographs of damage, the fax of a malfunction report) to the tasks and display them directly from the SAP System at any time.

For more information, see Plant Maintenance and Customer Service .

Spare parts procurement using external catalogs with user exit EXIT_SAPLCOMK_003

From the PC, you call up spare parts catalogs, which are stored there in electronic form, choose the required materials and copy them to the order.


Functions are available in the following areas:

  • Specific planning with regard to type, scope, dates and resources

  • Execution and monitoring of tasks

  • Drawing up of rules for account assignment and settlement

  • Definition of budgets

  • Entry, assignment and settlement of costs incurred

  • Technical and business completion

  • Billing and Controlling for service orders