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 1.1.1 Creating an ISR Scenario


In a form-based process in HR Administrative Services , an ISR scenario controls the user interface with an interactive form.

In this sublesson you create an ISR scenario for application H ( HCM Processes and Forms ) for the form-based process ZTPR ( Relocation ).


  1. In Customizing for HR Administrative Services choose Start of the navigation path Configuration of Forms/Processes Next navigation step Form Configuration End of the navigation path , and perform the Create an ISR ScenarioIMG activity .

    1. Choose New Entries .

    2. Create an ISR scenario and enter the following:

      Scenario: ZTFS

      Description: Relocation

      Application: H

    3. Save your entries.

  2. Create the ISR scenario version .

    1. In the dialog structure choose Version and then New Entries .

      The entries are transferred from the ISR scenario. The system automatically creates the version number as 0 . The system automatically increases all additional versions.

    2. Change the Description of the version if necessary.

      Note Note

      The Form and Interface fields remain empty. To fill the Form field, you must create the related interactive form. However, you only do this at a later point. The system then automatically generates the interface.

      End of the note.
    3. Save your entries and exit processing.


ISR Scenario ZTFS is created with version 0 for application H .