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 Creating Relationships Using the List Function

  1. Call up the order whose operations you want to network in change mode .

  2. Call up the operation overview of the order and select all the operations for which you want to create relationships.

  3. You cannot network sub-operations with one another.

  4. Choose Start of the navigation path General Next navigation step Relationships Next navigation step . End of the navigation path

  5. In the upper section of the screen, you see the order number and the first operation selected.

  6. On the tab page for relationships, enter the following data:

  7. - The operations , with which the above operation is to be networked

    - The type of relationship

    - Data on the time interval , if necessary

    If you want to network the operation with an operation from another order, you must also enter the number of this order.

    In the upper section of the screen, you can also call up the screens for internal and external processing of operation data simultaneously, and enter or change data.

    Once the first relationship has been created, the system automatically adjusts the scheduling for the order. The system informs you of the change in an online message.

  8. To call up the next selected operation which you want to network with the operation displayed above, choose Next operation .

  9. Proceed accordingly for all further operations.

  10. After you have networked the last selected operation, you have the following options:

- Return to the operation overview to call up additional functions for the order. Then save the order.

- Save the order immediately.