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 Document selection


This function enables you to display a specific document and its position within the document flow.

Here for example you can search for an invoice using the invoicing number, for a sales order using the sales document or for a service notification using customer data.


In the Document Flow Display screen, you can specify criteria for selecting documents as well as filter criteria for displaying data.

If you select the field Object links, the system will display the existing links in a dialog box. This concerns documents that are not directly part of the document flow but that are assigned to a specific document (for example because they were used as a copy model or reference object).


Use the menu bar sequence Start of the navigation path Service processing Next navigation step History Next navigation step Document FlowList End of the navigation path to display the document selection.

After you have made your selection the Document Flow screen is displayed.

Start of the navigation path You can select the desired document in this screen and use the menu bar sequenceEnvironment Next navigation step Display documentto display the document or the sequenceEnvironment Next navigation step Object linksto display any existing object links. End of the navigation path