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 NF Metal Processing


Non-ferrous metal processing (referred to below as NF processing) is concerned with the special features of non-ferrous metals (NF metals) in pricing.

When some products are priced (e.g. copper cable), problems may arise because the prices of individual components, such as copper, fluctuate wildly. Such components are traded on stock/metal exchanges. The current market rates are stored in the system. The logistic processes are designed to enable the system to react to price fluctuations.

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You can define whichever NF keys you want. The NF functions can therefore be used for components other than NF metals.

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If you want to use NF metal processing, you must set the activation indicator in Customizing of NF Metal Processing at Start of the navigation path Logistics - General Next navigation step NF Metal Processing Next navigation step NF Cross-Application Components Next navigation step Maintain Basic Settings for NF Metal Processing End of the navigation path . Once you have done this, NF metal functionality is available in the applications.


The NF metal content of each material is stored in the material master (LO-MD). NF metals are uniquely identified by the NF key . You can maintain the current market price for each NF metal.

NF raw material charging can be performed and updated using various pricing routines in the following document types:

NF processing also includes special types of pricing such as coverage (bulk agreements) and provision of material by customers in Sales and Distribution and in Purchasing.

In Controlling the structural weight is the theoretical NF metal content of a product. This can be determined in Product Cost Planning (CO-PC)(material cost estimate) and automatically transferred to the material master.